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New Spring Classes Sign up today


Attention Students!


Many of you have noticed the display on the wall showing the different classes that will be offered soon at University Academy.  So….now what?  


Click here to watch video detailing the classes. 


Information on how to sign up for UA:

FIRST -   You must have turned in a University Academy registration packet.  If you have not done this, you may pick up a packet from Mrs. Barroso’s office, from Ms. Ansley, or from Ms. Hauk in the computer labs.  Take this home today and get your parents to fill it out.  There is also a link at bottom to print this out.


Step 2:  Fill out a Spring Class request form.  The classes have limited availability and we ask you to give us your top 3 choices for each day.  The request forms will also be available from Ms. Hauk in the computer labs and from Mrs. Barroso’s office and available to print at bottom of page.   When you have it filled out, it needs to be returned.


Step 3:  The UA Staff will get you assigned to a class and send you a notification of which classes you are enrolled for.  


Don’t forget - we do have bus transportation!


UA Spring Classes flyer 


Choice sheet  please print and return to Ms. Hargrove or to Mrs. Barroso or to computer lab to Coach Hauk


UA Registration packet print and return to Ms. Hargrove, Mrs. Barroso, Ms. Ansley or computer lab to Coach Hauk