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 2016 Tournaments:
Saturday November 7th - Invitational at John Tyler HS
Congratulations David Doty (3rd place accounting) and Nathan Austin! (5th place computer science) 
Saturday November 14th - Invitational at Whitehouse HS 
 Math – Michael Tang 1st place; 1st place team / Science – Tahsin Bari 1st place / Computer Science – Michael Tang 1st place / Accounting – Chase Miller 1st place; Shelby Kohler 4th place; 1st place Team / Lit Crit – Deborah Paredes 6th place; 2nd place team / Current Issues/Events – Kelly Krenek 7th place / Ready Writing - Cassidy Willingham 6th place
Saturday December 5th - Math/Science meet at Spring Hill HS 
Saturday January 16 - Lindale HS
Saturday January 23 - Whitehouse HS

Calculator applications - Tahsin Bari 4th
Mathematics - Tahsin Bari 1st; first place team (both coached by Bob Walsh)

 Science - Tahsin Bari 1st overall small school; top biology score (coached by Samantha Butler)

Accounting - Chase Miller 1st; David Doty 2nd; Leo Reyes 4th; first place team (coached by Cindy McKinley)

Prose - Samantha Cox 5th (coached by Tina Lawson and Julie Westerman)

Computer science - Alexis Sanchez 5th; second place team (coached by Mark Kennedy)

 Saturday February 6 - Brownsboro HS
Number Sense - David Doty 5th place
Mathematics - Rebecca Crosman 6th place
Accounting - David Doty 1st place; Leo Reyes 3rd place; Alexis Kuykendall 5th place (1st place team)
Computer Applications - Vanessa Gonzalez 5th place; Leo Reyes 6th place
Computer Science - Nathan Austin 6th place (2nd place team)
Lincoln Douglas Debate - Alesha Lewis 5th place
Headline Writing - Caleb Otte 4th place
Current Issues/Events - Kelly Krenek 3rd place; Deborah Paredes 4th place
Literary Criticism - Deborah Paredes 5th place
Social Studies - Javier Pizzaro 6th place 
Saturday February 13 - Hallsville HS
Tahsin Bari: 4th place mathematics; 2nd science score; top biology score 
Vanessa Gonzalez - 3rd place computer applications 
Alesha Lewis - 4th place persuasive speaking
Saturday February 20 - Speech/Debate meet at Center HS
Alesha Lewis - 6th place Lincoln Douglas Debate 
Saturday February 27 - Math/Science meet at ETBU in Marshall 
Michael Tang - 1st Sr. Number Sense, 5th Sr. Calculators, 1st Sr. Math, 3rd Sr. Science
Tahsin Bari - 4th Sr. Calculators, 2nd Sr. Math, 2nd Sr. Science
Vasiqua Syeda - 4th Freshman Calculators, 5th Freshman Math
David Doty - 4th Jr. Math 
Wednesday April 7 - District meet at Spring Hill ISD 
Accounting - 1st (Michael Tang), 2nd (David Doty), 5th (Chase Miller) - 1st place team - Coached by Cindy McKinley
Calculator Applications - 4th (Vasiqua Syeda-a freshman!) and 5th (Tahsin Bari) - Coached by Bob Walsh
Current Issues/Events - 1st (Kelly Krenek), 2nd (Chase Miller), and 4th (Deborah Paredes) - 1st place team - Coached by Arlie Bice
Computer Applications - 1st (Mason Skidmore), 2nd (Vanessa Gonzalez), and 5th (Leo Reyes) Coached by Mark Kennedy
Computer Science - 2nd (Michael Tang), 3rd (Alexis Sanchez), and 4th (Jared Carter) - 1st place team - Coached by Mark Kennedy
Informative Speaking - 1st (Alesha Lewis) - Coached by Shari Ellsworth
Lincoln-Douglas Debate - 1st (Alesha Lewis), 2nd (Carlos Flores), 4th (Payton Wages -another freshman!) - Alesha also got Top Speaker award - Coached by Shari Ellsworth
Literary Criticism - 6th (Javier Pizarro) - Coached by Julia Dahlgren
Mathematics - 1st (Michael Tang), 2nd (Tahsin Bari) - 1st place team - Coached by Bob Walsh
Number Sense - 3rd (Michael Tang) - Coached by Bob Walsh
Persuasive Speaking - 3rd (Samantha Cox), 6th (Osvaldo Campos) - Coached by Shari Ellsworth
Poetry - 4th (Maya Reazin) - Coached by Tina Lawson assisted by Julie Westerman
Prose - 1st (Samantha Cox) - Coached by Tina Lawson assisted by Julie Westerman
Science - 1st (Tahsin Bari) - 1st place team - Coached by Samantha Butler
Social Studies – 5th (Isis DeLaGarza), 6th (Oscar Bates) – 2nd place team – Coached by Arlie Bice 
Spelling - 6th (Litzy Aparicio) - Coached by Alicia Herron
Chapel Hill had the top Speech/Debate team and was second place overall in the district. 
22 students will travel to regionals April 22-23, either for placing in the top 4 or being part of the top team, and some qualify in multiple events.
See your coach or Mrs. Adair to sign up!
Before boarding the bus, you need to have your parents complete the permission slip and return. 
Academic UIL Permission Slip: Permission Slip