• Newspaper/Yearbook Classroom Activities 

     Newspaper and yearbook students publish the quarterly newsletter and spring yearbook.  Students have a chance to use desktop publishing skills through in-class projects; cover events on campus and write articles about these events for the newsletter.  Students do some photography with digital cameras.  They also learn to interview individuals for newsletter articles; learn to proofread their copy, and keep up with current events locally, statewide and nationally by watching the news and sharing their opinion about current events through group discussions and written critiques.

    The middle school publishes a spring yearbook and students enjoy learning to create layouts for the yearbook, writing copy as well as identifying students that are photographed for the yearbook.  The book is submitted late March and the remainder of the year is spent on projects such as creating a personal memory book and powerpoint presentations utilizing photos that have been taken throughout the year. 

    This class enhances teamwork, independent work skills, commitment, and responsibility.  Students in this class should excel in writing and creativity.



    All news/yearbook students are expected to participate in a fundraiser as well as purchase their product, the 2017 yearbook.  

    Deadline to order is February 3rd.  For orders & nameplates stop by room 316.


    Thank you for your continued support! You may e-mail me at mccowinj@chapelhillisd.org or call me at (903)566-1491 if you have questions.