All Problems

  • Consider using this checklist to isolate your problem. It will help you remember: Don't Panic!

Password/Login Problems

  • Teacher Passwords
    • Forgot your password to eduPhoria, your webpage, Skyward, AESOP, my Outlook,, or webmail? Create a work order and we'll get you all set.
    • For Classroom Websites or United Streaming, passwords, see those sections.
    • You might also consider using password keeping software like LastPass (free) or RoboForm Everywhere ($19.95). Writing down passwords, by the way, is a terrible idea.
    • Is your password strong enough? Find out
  • Student Passwords
    • Stop trying for a sec! If the student tries to log in five times and fails, she'll be logged out permanently and require a complicated reset. Check these things before submitting a work order:
      • Is the Num Lk or CAPS Lock on?
      • In the box where the student is logging in, make sure that the bottom box, the "Log On To:" box, says "CHISD."
      • It sounds dumb, but have the student say the letters and numbers out loud to you as they enter them in. Try typing it for them. Catching a mistake at this point will save you both time in the long run.
      • Is there an error message saying, "Domain cannot be reached?" This means the computer can't reach the internet. In the worst case scenario, fill out a work order and tell us what the error message said.

The Web

  • Website blocked? PLEASE fill out the "request access" page that appears when this happens. Tracking these occurrences is important, so thank you for your help.
  • Frequently having to authenticate, or getting a notice that you are no longer connected to your server? Complete a work order and don't forget to complete the attached survey. Thanks!