Engineering / Architectural Drafting   
  • What is drafting?

 Before things are made, there must be an organized, accurate, and clear plan done for construction. Thes is done through a visual communication called drafting. ( sometimes called mechanical drawing )

  •   How are drawings made?

Drawings are made with the use of drafting equipment through many mediums. Some of these include: pencil on vellum or paper, ink on mylar, and by the use of the computer. ( CAD , computer aided drafting )

  Drafting Careers / Support Areas 
  • Drafters - people who make technical engineering drawings in all areas of industry ( architectural, structural, electrical, aerospace, machine, piping fabricating, etc. )
  • Designers - more experienced drafters who perform more advanced drafting and engineering tasks
  • Engineers - those who do design work in many fields of society ( chemical, civil, automotive, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, etc.)
  • Architects - designers of all types of commercial and residential buildings
  • Professional trades - all areas where drawings are required to construct things ( carpenters, plumbers, welders, pipe fitters, machinists, electricians, etc. )